Minimalistic Fjord Style Kitchen in Norway

This minimalistic Fjord style kitchen has been designed to complement the style of the 70s contemporary house on the waterfront in Oslo. The property features loads of red brick finishes, thick wooden beams throughout, with strong clean lines & massive glass sliding doors facing the whole south side of the house. The kitchen is the heart of the house, connected with big doors to the dining. The owner, an elderly lady with 9 grand children wanted a kitchen to room them all as well as a kitchen she can cook and entertain for large groups of people.

The kitchen was built on a budget so structure and kitchen fronts are Ikea but Ivan has incorporated high end appliances to give the space a luxury finish. The benches are a little higher than normal as well as 10 cm wider. The bench finishes are of black stone and stainless steel with a built in deep stainless sink, all made to measure.

Take note of the clean lines that bring texture into the space.

The minimalistic look needs to be tidy and organized so Ivan has made sure the client has plenty of good storage to minimize clutter. 

I have heard it being said that minimalism has no personality, but I don’t think that is true. This concept is about working with great finishes and fabulous materials that individually create a statement in your room. A small statement or a BIG statement rests on how your design ideas affect your room and with what.



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