Restore and re-LOVE old shutters and doors as………



    1. Remove debris and loose paint from the shutter or doors by rubbing a wire brush over the frame and louvers. Inspect the shutter for damage, including dented, chipped and cracked parts.
    2. Fill any dented and chipped parts of the shutter with wood filler, spreading it evenly with a putty knife. Allow the filler to dry according to the label directions.
    3. Spread any cracked or split pieces wide enough apart so you can apply wood glue to the damaged surfaces. Clamp the glued areas with bar clamps. Allow the glue to dry according to the manufacturer's recommendations before removing the clamps.
    4. Sand the entire wooden shutter surface, using a progression of coarse, medium and fine sandpaper grits. Rub the sandpaper in the direction of the wood grain.
    5. Apply paint or stain to the shutters with a paintbrush. Allow the finish to dry according to the label recommendations.

    Taking them inside as beautiful decor………..








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